The National Advisory Council will advise, consult and serve Utah Tech University in an effort to nurture the long-term success of its academic programs, business enterprises and capital fundraising efforts.

The Council will give advice and recommendations based on the member’s judgment formed by their expertise and experience.

The Council will provide ongoing feedback and ideas for improving Utah Tech University through both communication and development operations.


Each NAC member will serve a four-year term (extension of term will be based on a discussion between the council member and the President)

Members will cover their own travel, lodging and meals expenses related to the NAC meeting

Members will attend two meetings per year (one in the fall and one in the spring)

Members will be willing to serve on committees at the request of the President (this may require additional meetings and commitments during the year)

Members will seriously consider Utah Tech University in their personal charitable giving


The National Advisory Council consists of approximately 30 members, appointed by the President of Utah Tech University

The President may establish committees from time to time to accomplish specific purposes.